Australians Want To Share Their Email address But Not Their Age?

Written by Computer Daily News     27/06/2013 | 09:40 | Category: HOW STUFF WORKS

Australians are coy about sharing their age to promoters, new research shows. Some 81 percent of Australians are happy to share their e-mail address and 67 per cent their postcode in exchange for special deal offers, according to a new report by Infosys, a US-based $7 billion business and technology consultancy.

Australians Want To Share Their Email address But Not Their Age?
But only 32 percent are happy to share their date of birth and 9 percent their income, it adds.

Fifty-one per cent of Australia's digitally-savvy shoppers say they'd be willing to have their online or mobile behaviour shared with retailers in exchange for targeted promotions.

Infosys surveyed 5000 people in the US, Europe and Australia. Around 1000 were based in Australia. Few seemed aware of the advice given by many security experts: "Give away your e-mail address certainly, if you feel the need - but don't, whatever you do, give anyone your postcode, especially if you have just done a credit card transaction".

The reason, as detailed in a recent Forbes article: the postcode can be used by to provide a final clue to figuring out your address, phone number and past purchasing details.

That's handy for special-deal pushers, pure gold for scamsters.