HD Intelligence: Network Your Business' AV Gear With Hills

Written by Tony Ibrahim     30/11/2012 | 04:04 | Category: GENERAL

Businesses struggling to manage content across multiple TVs should consider Hills' HD Intelligence range of matrix switchers and media hubs.

Allow me to paint you a picture: You have a business reliant upon TVs playing content, but you don't want to connect a Blu-ray player to every single TV. This is one situation where a HD Intelligence matrix switcher will come in handy.


BC80506 4x4 matrix switcher

It's a little box responsible for managing your audio and visual connections across its own closed network. With a Matrix Switcher installed, you can route the content from any connected HDMI device to multiple rooms and across multiple TVs. They can be displaying the same content or be arranged as individual zones showing any of the sources.

The introductory BC80506 4x4 matrix switcher from Hills has four HDMI inputs and 4 pairs of RJ45s using common Cat 6. DVD players, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and subscription TV set top boxes can be plugged into a Matrix Switcher and have their content routed to four separate zones without any loss in quality. Full HD (1080p) content can be played 40 metres away from the Matrix Switcher, while 1080i—the current broadcasting benchmark—has a 60 metre range when using a solid copper core cat6 UTP cable.

Each Matrix Switcher comes with end point receivers, a remote control, and IR blasters and targets. The end point receivers are compact enough to reside behind a wall mounted TV, while the IR blasters and targets allow you to use the remote control as normal. The receivers are powered by the matrix, which means they don't need a local power supply at the TV.

For larger installations, Hills offers 4x8 and 8x8 matrix switchers, managing the content of eight devices across a total of eight zones. Their elegant design ensures they remain hidden in plain sight at venues with a number of entertainment rooms, such as pubs, clubs and electronic retailers.

8x8 Matrix Switcher

Venues interested in setting up a more affordable AV network may find Hills' HD Intelligence media hubs better suit their needs. Media hubs will manage the content of two devices across a maximum of four zones. By using 4 identical Cat 6 outputs, Full HD video can be distributed to a zone up to 35 metres away, while 1080i video reaches a further 40 metres.

4 Area Media Hub

Of course, media hubs can just as easily be used in the home as the receiver resembles a normal power point in look and size.

Hills has a history of supporting and servicing installers, retailers, pubs and clubs with their HD intelligence range.

Many retailers are taking advantage of these products in demonstrating TVs, with companies such as the Good Guys and 2nds World identifying an increase in sales of higher-end televisions.