CEDIA Plan Home Technology Event For Sydney 2011

Written by David Richards     03/06/2010 | 01:48 | Category: GENERAL

As interest in the current CEDIA Expo starts to wane, the Custom Electronics Association is looking to launch a new home technology event in Australia in an effort to educate new trades who are now installing a new generation of Internet based technology.

CEDIA Plan Home Technology Event For Sydney 2011
The CEDIA Home Technology Event will be held in Sydney in 2011 if approved and will deliver entry level technical courses for new installers wanting to get a foot in the door, to high-level business workshop classes for company owners looking to keep their business on the right track CEDIA executives said.

The first International event kicks off next week in London, complete with show floor expo. 

In an effort to differentiate their event courses from those currently being run at the Melbourne Expo, CEDIA said that they will introduce new courses targeted at technicians, project managers and business owners. For those running their own business, CEDIA will introduce courses such as developing business operating systems which deliver an overview into the organisational and procedural systems necessary to work efficiently as well as courses which highlight the marketing tools required to differentiate and grow a business in what CEDIA is describing as an increasingly competitive environment.

At the UK event which kicks off on June 16, courses will be run on HDMI, 3D, smart meters, interior design and the digital future.

The line-up of expert speakers include executives from BSkyB, and the BBC who will give audiences the broadcaster's perspective on HD and 3D content delivery into the home. Designer, writer and television presenter, Oliver Heath will also be taking centre stage as part of the Show Floor Seminar Theatre.

Steve Miller Executive Director of CEDIA Australia said "The market is changing and CEDIA is looking to change with it. The concept of a new Home Technology event is exciting as it will appeal to a lot of trades who currently don't come to the current CEDIA event".