Written by Matthew Lentini     27/09/2011 | 04:54 | Category: ACCESSORIES

JBL will start shipping out its latest wireless streaming speaker dock, the On Air Wireless, to retailers from next week with an RRP of $499.

The release comes just after this week's launch of JBL's OnBeat speaker dock with a universal grip that fits every device from iPhone to iPad.

While an AirPlay version of the OnBeat speaker dock is set to hit overseas stores in October, the same model has not been given a confirmed Australian price or release date, though JBL's upcoming streamer bridges that gap - wirelessly.

The Wi-Fi enabled dock features 7W per channel over two general drivers and a separate tweeter.

These speakers are housed across the outer rim of the dock that looks more like the inner rim of a car wheel. Assorted volume, track and directional keys slant it more to the look of a gamers' racing wheel. Let's just say it's a somewhat vehicular design, to say that least.

The big plus is wireless AirPlay control that lets users stream their iTunes library straight off their Apple device or iTunes playlist over their home network. The On Air dock displays track metadata and full-colour album art on an onboard LCD screen.

There's also typical alarm clock functions including a dual alarm function and an in-built FM radio (analogue, not digital).

An official announcement on the dock is set to be released soon, ahead of a slew of pre-Christmas releases.