JBL Twists Up Apple Dock Design With Two New Mini iPhone-Attaches

Written by Matthew Lentini     16/11/2011 | 00:44 | Category: ACCESSORIES

JBL has just debuted two new iPod docks in its well-worn On Stage series that fuse eccentric design and portability.

JBL Twists Up Apple Dock Design With Two New Mini iPhone-Attaches

Four generations on, and the On Stage IV and On Stage Micro III speaker docks come in with a smaller footprint than usual and an exotic, interlocking design that sets it apart from many of the straight-laced competition. Whether the new look works, however, is a matter of opinion.

The On Stage IV sits at $199 and houses four individual speakers inside its glossy, black body.

The On Stage Micro III runs at a $129 RRP with similar innards, though only half the speakers.

The two docks are built to be similarly portable though, either adapter powered if it sits on a shelf or battery powered if it's taken on the go, taking AA and AAA batteries respectively. They require up to six batteries, but up to 24 hours of music can be churned out of an iPod or iPhone (no iPads on these little units) while charging the devices.

Both units can hook into a PC via USB 2.0 to synchronise attached devices with iTunes. They're also controllable via infrared remote. And for everyone outside of the iPod game, there's the obligatory 3.5mm input for every other device.

The new units are distributed by Convoy International and are stocking through JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman and other JBL retailers.