Denon's Cocoon, Where Sound Meets Art

Written by Tony Ibrahim     07/02/2013 | 23:21 | Category: INDUSTRY

After helping shape the soundscape over the past 100 years, Denon has entered the dock market with their Cocoon range. Their wealth of experience has helped them produce a dock faithful to their plutonic love of sound and exemplary of their visionary design.

One of the defining characteristics of the Cocoon is its shape. Denon needed a shape conducive to high fidelity audio, but it had to retain their sense of identifiable styling. Often docks tend to discount design for sound or vice versa, but Denon's Cocoon is one of the few exceptions.

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Its shape, as noted by its name, was inspired by nature. The uniform curves cocoon a valuable speaker arrangement and its collection of connectivity technologies.

Denon then dressed the Cocoon in materials inspired by modern art. On the outside high quality fabrics meet the polished and transparent plastic layer, glazing full colours for a deep, high gloss finish. The minimalist styling makes it a welcomed addition as it complements—rather than undermines—a room's design language.

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Inside, quality speakers are fixed by a double shot injected chassis and the entire dock is grounded by a heavy aluminium base. Like any piece of art, you'll find the artist's signature engraved on the base.

Beyond the curvaceous body is a two way speaker system, large acoustic chamber, Denon Dual Layer Cones, bass ports and Denon amplification, combined with advanced DSP software to optimise the Cocoon acoustically.

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Making use of this technology is easily done by way of the Cocoon's connectivity suite. An LED display conceals a retractable dock compatible with Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The dock not only plays back music while charging your device, but it also comes in handy when setting up AirPlay.

Denon's Cocoon comes with a feature known as Netlink. Netlink helps your Cocoon recognise your wireless home network by gleaning the information from the docked Apple device. Once done Apple users can then stream music from their Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the Cocoon.

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There's no need for non-Apple users to fret as the Cocoon can communicate wirelessly with DLNA compatible smartphones, tablets, computers and NAS drives. Denon has released their Cocoon App for both Android and iOS devices and it allows users to control every one of the Cocoon's functions remotely.

Having the flexibility to listen to your music library is great, but every music collection is a work in progress. Finding new songs is as easy as nominating Internet radio on the Cocoon. Favourite stations can be assigned to three presets and Denon's 'Cocoon' shaped remote makes flipping through stations convenient.

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Denon's Cocoon range is made up of the Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable. Most of the features are shared between the two devices, but the Cocoon Portable has a few unique traits ideal for on the go entertainment. These include its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, its reinforced metal grille and an on-board compartment its remote can call home.

Denon's Cocoon Home is available in black and white for $699, while the Cocoon Portable is available for $649.