Apple Slash Prices For Today Only

Written by Tony Ibrahim     22/11/2012 | 23:37 | Category: IPODS

Apple is dropping the prices of its products today only, with standouts including the MacBook Air, their iPad and the new iPod touch.

Apple Slash Prices For Today Only

The bite-the-back-of-your-hand beautiful MacBook Air is under $1,000. This is the computer that inspired the Ultrabook revolution, with its charismatic unibody design, supreme performance and unprecedented mobility. The entire range has been dropped by $105 (almost 10%).

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Apple's iPad has also dropped in price. The powerful fourth generation iPad has been discounted by $41 to $498, but the second generation iPad 2 now costs less than $400. The savings on these iPads are roughly 7.5%. Unfortunately (but as you'd expect), the iPad Mini has not been discounted.

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Our smiles return when we see the new iPods failed to evade the discounting madness. The colourful iPod touch is available for 9.4% less at $298, while the lovable iPod Nano has been reduced to $158.

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Apple's most successful product, the iPhone, is not being discounted.

The one day sale reflects the annual Black Friday sale underway in the US, and products can be purchased in store or online with free shipping.

With more consumers buying products online, flash sales are becoming a frequent occurrence in Australia; whether or not they're successful depends on who you ask. On Wednesday, Australians partook in a one day sales event called Click Frenzy. Although it kicked off at 7pm, the site crashed under traffic and remained down for several hours. Several retailer sites, such as Myers, also crashed under the strain, and despite the event highlighting insufficient online investment, retailers are calling it an ecommerce success.

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