Apple Updates Tracking 'Bugs' But Holds Onto Location Database

Written by Matthew Lentini     05/05/2011 | 03:00 | Category: IPODS

Apple has released an iOS update for its portables to fix "bugs" that caused large caches of unencrypted location tracking data in iPhones and iPads to build up.

Apple Updates Tracking Apple head Steve Jobs dismissed claims that Apple was tracking users with location software that in reality collected anonymous location data "of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers around your current location" and saved it onto the phone. 

He said, however, that the company would address the "bugs" that caused the backlog of data.

The iOS 4.3.3 software update that was promised contains changes to the crowd-source location database cache by reducing the size of the cache in user data (originally spanning months), stops iTunes from backing up the cached data.

It also allows users to opt out of tracking as it deletes the cache completely when users turn the 'location services' off.

While Apple still maintains its location data monitoring of Wi-Fi and cell towers around iPhone users, the company says that this is anonymous and for service improvement reasons.

Google was pulled up for similar location tracking data which it has used to profit from location-based advertising.