Apple Set To Have A White Xmas

Written by Wire Service     28/08/2011 | 21:03 | Category: IPODS

Apple is tipped to be bringing out a white iPod touch in time for Xmas.

Apple Set To Have A White Xmas

Repair shop iFixDirect found evidence of the move by Apple  to go back to white when they syndicated images showing  a complete front panel for the iPod in the same white as the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. The TechnoBuffalo sighting supports notions that the iPod touch will be a modest visual update with the same 3.5-inch screen.

Most expect the iPod touch to share most the internals of the iPhone 5 when it arrives, particularly the dual-core A5 processor. iPod touch owners could have the edge in storage with advances and price drops in flash memory making a 128GB model a distinct possibility.

The new version might be unveiled in late September or October, in sync with the iPhone 5's rumored date. One growing possibility if 128GB is realistic may be the retirement of the iPod classic and Apple's last clickwheel-based iPod.