Podio iPod Contender For Bike Riders Doubles As Speaker & Torch

Written by Matthew Lentini     20/06/2011 | 02:52 | Category: MP3 PLAYERS

A new brand of music player specifically for bike riders has hit the Australian market, taking earphones out of the listening equation.

Podio iPod Contender For Bike Riders Doubles As Speaker & Torch
The newly released LA-306, or 'Luminadio,' from Podio is an aluminium cylinder that doubles as a loudspeaker mp3 player and bike torch for the safety-focussed rider.

While riders can otherwise strap on an iPod, Podio is banking on the safer rider that doesn't want to block out ambient noise with earphones, instead opting for the Podio's loudspeaker. On its own, the speaker can push out a max of 20 hours of music (depending on the volume, of course).

There's also the high-brightness Cree 1W white 100 Flux LED that turns the tube-like device into a typical bike torch, either shining continuously or flashing. Strapped to a bike via handlebar mount, it's a high-tech replacement to a bike torch.

The devices are anodised in order to increase their corrosion resistance, giving them greater resistance from rusting - that's not to say it makes them waterproof, though.

The Luminadio sells at $149, distributed through International Dynamics Australasia, and comes in four different colours.