New Sony S Series Walkman First Picture

Written by David Richards     22/07/2009 | 23:03 | Category: MP3 PLAYERS

Desperate to get some traction up against Apple, Sony is set to launch a new S-Series Walkman with the new models looking as if they have speakers on the front of the devices.

New Sony S Series Walkman First Picture

The new Walkman, which will be launched in Australia later this year to coincide with the roll out of several new Sony Bravia TV's and digital cameras, will come in black, pink, red and blue.

A successor to the current S series, the new models are slimmer than current offerings and will have storage of around 10GB.

Picture: Sony Insider

Images leaked to Sony Insider, show the new Walkman appear to come with speakers which will allow consumers to use the device without headphones.

In Australia, Sony is struggling to get traction up against Apple who has over 80% of the mobile music device market.

Also set to compete with the Walkman is a new generation of phones from the likes of HTC, Motorola Apple and Nokia.