Archos Releases Wi-Fi Enabled Media Tablet

Written by Mendelson Tiu     30/09/2008 | 04:28 | Category: MP4 PLAYERS

Archos has today revealed an Internet Media Tablet that will deliver continuous access to the Internet with its built-in Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity option.

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The new Internet Media Tablets provide the power of a laptop with the world's first implementation of the ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor and a high resolution 5-inch or 7-inch touch screen (800x480).

The new processing power means users of Archos' Internet Media Tablets now have an unrivalled way to surf the Web on the go, with web pages fully displayed on the ARCHOS screen as with a PC.

One of the best features of the new line of products is its built-in Wi-Fi and HSDPA access, allowing users to check and reply to emails and share attachments with anyone, as well as view online content while on the go.

You can enjoy new animated wallpapers, high resolution playback with the HDMI output on TV, a capacity up to 320GB and a search engine facility to easily find files.

Founder and CEO of Archos, Henry Crohas said, ''Today we are faced with constant technology innovations in the Personal Media Player market, with media devices that let the customer enjoy the Internet on the move via a 3.5G connection. Archos now introduces a new concept by delivering the Internet Media Tablets."

"This new line of products redefines media on the move: it is a real 100% Internet multimedia platform using a WiFi and/or 3.5GHSDPA connection. For the first time, the customer now has permanent connection to the Internet in a handheld device as they would have on their PC. What's more, Archos' TV-centric expertise allows the customer to enjoy their multimedia entertainment and the Internet on their TV!" added Henry.

Product Features:

- ARM Cortex superscalar microprocessor
- Adobe Flash 9 support
- HSDPA connection (using HSDPA dongle and plug-in)
- IMAP and POP email service
- Web TV and Web Radio streaming
- Large display (5-inches or 7-inches)
- USB Transfer
- DVR station for instant TV recording

Availability and Pricing:
Stock for both the Archos 5 and Archos 7 is expected early October, with RRPs to be announced at a later date.