Laser $150 E-Book Plays Music And Movies

Written by Mendelson Tiu     16/08/2010 | 02:35 | Category: MP4 PLAYERS

Laser has launched a new multimedia e-book reader which can store thousands of paperless books, store and view photos, display videos and movies in full colour, and play music.

Laser $150 E-Book Plays Music And Movies

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The Laser EB101 has a 5-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) screen, 2GB of internal memory, and can handle up to 16GB of additional storage with its microSD memory card expansion.

According to Laser, readers can select text size and orientation of the screen, can be taken anywhere, and unlike many other e-books on the market, allows users to store and view photos, watch video and movies in full colour, as well as listening to music.

Chris Lau, Managing Director of Laser said, "Bookworms are starting to realise the myriad of benefits offered by e-books. Users can store a wide selection of novels on the EB101 which weighs no more than 300gms in total, also making it a great travelling companion. It is like having a large MP4 player - you can comfortably read books, watch video in full colour and listen to music, along with sharing content with friends. The EB101 is truly multi-use multimedia device."

The EB101 multimedia e-book reader is available now for $149.95.