Toshiba Launches Portable DVD Player

Written by Mendelson Tiu     18/08/2009 | 00:23 | Category: MP4 PLAYERS

The new Toshiba portable DVD player sports a 9-inch screen and can last up to three hours before needing charging.

Toshiba Launches Portable DVD Player

The Toshiba SDP92SKY is an official DivX Certified product, allowing you to play all your DivX media files from both disc and SD card. The SD slot also allows you to view your photos and listen to MP3 files.

The player also comes with a switchable audio/video input and output, giving you the option to connect to an external TV or use the screen and speakers as the display device for a digital camera or camcorder. In addition, the pack comes complete with an in-car power adapter, remote control, AV cables, battery pack and AC power / adaptor.

Toshiba's SDP92SKY portable DVD player is available now for $399.