Microsoft Zune Gets OZ Rebirth

Written by Computer Daily News     26/10/2011 | 22:53 | Category: MUSIC DOWNLOAD SITES

A couple of weeks after Microsoft US killed and buried its Zune music player - which was never marketed in Australia - the company has brought back the brand Down Under.

Microsoft Zune Gets OZ RebirthIt yesterday launched "Zune Music Pass" - a music subscription service limited to users of Windows PCs, Windows Phones and Xbox games machines.

The "all you can eat" service will begin operating on November 16, with Australian users of these Microsoft devices - but not those with Android or Apple devices - able to pick and choose from a claimed 11 million tracks for $11.99 per month or $119.90 per year.

As with all subscription services, users will lose the music if they stop subscribing.

Microsoft also introduced new voice commands for certain sporting games using its Kinect for Xbox 360 system, including golf, skiing, football, tennis and darts.

For instance, in a game of online golf it's possible to tell a caddy to "change club" - though Australian IT reported journos trying it at a media event in Sydney sometimes had to keep repeating the command to make the system understand - something that might get a real-life golfer brained by an wood-bearing caddy