Spotify Music Streaming To OZ?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     11/05/2011 | 06:35 | Category: MUSIC DOWNLOAD SITES

The hit European music streamer is moving to the US. So is it gracing Aussie shores also? Apparently not. Well not anytime soon, at least.

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A quick query into the music streamers London HQ revealed the music service which has captivated European fans has no plans to move down under.

It now has one million registered paid subscribers, it said recently. This is out of a total of seven million registered users.

 "We know just how passionate the Australian music fans are but we don't have any immediate plans to launch there," Spotify spokesperson, Sofie Grant, told ChannelNews earlier this week. 

However, "Spotify's long term aim is to be available in every country," she added.

And it is set to launch in the US very soon as it as it get an $100 million funding injection, sending it's market value to $1billion.

The streaming service that allows users listen to music live without buying the tracks is proving a huge hit at the other side of the pond, and has 13 million songs in its digital library.

However, around 15 per cent of its subscribers pay for music content. It also allows users to "just drag and drop" tracks they want and create playlists and is compatible with a cross section of devices. These include iPods, it's recently been announced, and could prove a massive blow to Apple, as well as iPhones, Nokia, Sonos music centres and Android devices.

The service is currently confined to the UK and six other nations including France, Spain and Sweden.

Set up by founders Martin Lorentzon and Daniel Ek, it has already signed agreements signed with Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner Music.