New Yorkers May Face iPod Fines

Written by Caroline Warnes     08/02/2007 | 01:24 | Category: PORTABLE DEVICE ISSUES

A New York State Senator is proposing fines for pedestrians who cross the street listening to an iPod or mobile phone or even using a portable gaming device in an attempt to minimise pedestrian accidents.

New Yorkers May Face iPod Fines

Brooklyn senator Carl Kruger says three pedestrians in his area have been killed in the last six months after they stepped out into traffic listening to either their music player or chatting on the phone.

The incidents have prompted him to introduce legislation that bans the use of gadgets when crossing the street.

Senator Kruger says that during one of the incidents, bystanders called for the pedestrian to look out but they were unable to hear because they were distracted by they gadget.

People caught in the act will be fined US$100 under the proposed legislation.