Express TV Tuner Cards In Oz

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     12/09/2006 | 00:45 | Category: BUILD YOUR OWN MEDIA CENTRE

LifeView's Express TV Tuner cards are now available in Australia. LifeView distributor G.D.B International claims they offer five times the bandwidth of old USB 2.0 interface and over twice the bandwidth of the old PCI interface.

Express TV Tuner Cards In Oz

"The flexibility of these new cards is amazing. Digital TV [SD & HDTV], analogue TV and video capture are all possible, in fact up to 4 streams can be handled simultaneously," said G.D.B International Managing Director, Gene Bridge.

The company claims that users are able to utilize multiple video streams simultaneously via LifeView's MVP software, which utilises Multiple Streaming Technology (MST).

The Lifeview Express series of TV Tuner cards is available in two formats: PCIe and Express Slot Card.