Denon Drives D-N7 With Free AirPlay Upgrade

Written by Matthew Lentini     06/04/2011 | 21:19 | Category: INDUSTRY

Denon is offering a free upgade of Apple's wireless music streaming service, AirPlay, to new customers purchasing a D-N7 Multimedia System.

Denon Drives D-N7 With Free AirPlay Upgrade
The streaming add-on that usually costs $60 is going free between March 28 and June 30 for those who purchase Denon's multimedia platform, the D-N7.

AirPlay is a wireless streaming software that allows music to be streamed from portable Apple devices like iPhones, iPads and any iTunes library in high quality.

Denon shares the same parent company, D&M Holdings, who own other audio heavyweight companies like Marantz who have also jumped onto Apple's AirPlay.

Denon first released AirPlay on the D-N7 earlier this year to go with its Apple compatibility which includes iPhone compatible USB input and a built-in iPod/iPhone dock.

While iTunes compresses files with its AAC format that tones down the quality, amplifiers like those from Denon boost the signal and improve the sound.

The D-N7 features multiple inputs for audio, including Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connections for home networking, Apple integration (and DLNA streaming outside of Apple products), CD player and radio.