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EXCLUSIVE: Exposed The BIG Microsoft Media Centre Hoax     EXCLUSIVE: Exposed The BIG Microsoft Media Centre Hoax
Microsoft Australia is misleading Australians into believing that several content and recording capabilities are possible with their current Windows Media Centre offering despite the services not being available to Australians.

Big Grunt Media Centre Rolled Out By Claritas     Big Grunt Media Centre Rolled Out By Claritas
A brand new high end Claritas media centre with 4GB of memory and 1 TB drive has been introduced at sub $3,000. Designed to be the hub of a home entertainment network the new Claritas Elite 14.2 VFD can also be used as a central management system for a home automation network.

Sleek, Book-Sized Asus PC Not For Gamers     Sleek, Book-Sized Asus PC Not For Gamers
Figuring out where to place your PC can be tough, especially if space is an issue. The Nova P22 is Asus's answer to users who want a small PC (this one's a little larger than the latest Harry Potter book) that is easy to hook up and comes with programs to support them every step of the way.

HP TouchSmart All Bells & Whistles But No Value     HP TouchSmart All Bells & Whistles But No Value
The massively overpriced and underperforming HP touch screen media centre has finally been released in Australia. The big problem with the $3,699 device is that one is stuck with a combined built in touch screen and PC when the rest of the media centre market gives one a choice of PC and choice in size of screen.

Acer Aspire Still Living Large     Acer Aspire Still Living Large
While other manufacturers of media centre PCs are moving to smaller form factors, Acer's latest model in the Aspire series still retains the bulky workstation form that some of its main competitors have all but discarded.

The Ultimate Small Media Centre PC     The Ultimate Small Media Centre PC
5 years ago they were telling us that they would pack an entire workstation PC into a form factor the size of a small book. Well that day is here with the launch by Pioneer Computers of a remarkable full blown PC and Media Centre that comes in a box that is 1.3 kilo in weight and just 226 (W) x 172 (D) x 42 (H) This is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.

Viiv Depends On Microsoft, For Now     Viiv Depends On Microsoft, For Now
Intel have released a full specification list for Viiv-compliance, which explicitly states Microsoft's Media Center Edition is essential for Viiv capability.

What Exactly Is Viiv?     What Exactly Is Viiv?
Intel officially launched its Viiv brand today, and gave the public a glimpse at what actually constitutes a 'Viiv PC'.

Quickflix On Viiv     Quickflix On Viiv
Quickflix today announced that its services will become available on the Intel Viiv digital home entertainment platform.

Intel and CEDIA Bond Over Dinner     Intel and CEDIA Bond Over Dinner
Intel is in the early stages of marketing Viiv to the channel and last night at a Cockle Bay Restaurant in Sydney CEDIA members came face to face with the Intel team for the first time.

Pioneer's Viiv Offering Is Slick     Pioneer's Viiv Offering Is Slick
Take a look at the future of entertainment PCs.

Free Sony PS3 Con     Free Sony PS3 Con
An online website is offering a Sony PS3 for free if consumers register to be involved in a product evaluation program.

Intel Viiv On Hold OZ Content Issues     Intel Viiv On Hold OZ Content Issues
The Launch of Intel's Viiv technology has been put on hold in Australia as the company sorts out content partners.

Re-Viiving The Media Center     Re-Viiving The Media Center
Intel's Viiv has the potential to be your video-on-demand service, gaming system, music jukebox, and home content distribution system all rolled into one. It hopes Viiv will give Media Center PCs the almighty push that its Centrino brand gave laptops.

Re Viiv Your Media Centre     Re Viiv Your Media Centre
The 2006 CES Show in Las Vegas is about to kick off and one of the biggest launches will be the new Viiv media centre platform.

New LG 65   New LG 65" Ultra High Definition TV, Complete With Pop Down Speakers: REVIEW
LG Australia has finally rolled out their 65" Ultra High Definition TV offering in Australia and what you get is a TV that delivers a quantum leap in TV technology and surprisingly a significantly improved sound system that is delivered from pop down speakers but the big question is whether it is worth $6,999.
Product Rating 4.5

Westfield To Split   Westfield To Split
Shopping giant to separate ANZ, international operation
Product Rating 0

REVIEW:Note 3 Is The Best There Is In Phablet Smartphones   REVIEW:Note 3 Is The Best There Is In Phablet Smartphones
If you are one of those people who love technology but struggle to manage the hundreds of apps and the endless capabilities that today's smartphones are capable of delivering then the new Samsung Note 3 is not for you.
Product Rating 5

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