The Ultimate Small Media Centre PC

Written by David Richards     23/10/2006 | 12:05 | Category: INTEL VIIV

5 years ago they were telling us that they would pack an entire workstation PC into a form factor the size of a small book. Well that day is here with the launch by Pioneer Computers of a remarkable full blown PC and Media Centre that comes in a box that is 1.3 kilo in weight and just 226 (W) x 172 (D) x 42 (H) This is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.

The Ultimate Small Media Centre PC

This is not a notebook but a full blown media centre with TV Tuner 120GB of Hard drive, 2GB of memory and an Intel Viiiv processor.
Called the DreamVision this system has been designed to be, a SmartHouse and digital office platform and Media Center PC all rolled into one. In fact I am writing this story using this new PC and to say I am impressed is an understatement.
Design to Intel® Vii platform specifications this PC is quiet in fact it's much quieter than my office and home PC. Multimedia Center
It comes with the Microsoft® Window MCE but I couldn't resist it so I loaded the latest version of the new Vista OS from Microsoft including the Ultimate Windows Media version. Not only did it go down easily but it found my network and wireless connections in seconds.  In fact this box is so small I could pack it into a briefcase and one wouldn't know the difference between a small notebook and a new small notebook. 

Within seconds I was able to connect to network gaming, phone, video, database and VoIP with Webcam thrown in for good measure and with the remote control one can watch TV content downloaded from broadband connections, play the movies at home, record analog/digital TV programs for viewing, and show home photos.

Advanced features enhance end user experience with channel scan, preview, Teletext, etc. and the Time-shift TV program offers Pause-Resume capability. It also acts like your digital music jukebox.
This super mini desktop computer can easily be moved from a study room to the living room or set up as a home media center server capable of controlling the entire house.
The system comes engineered with internal Bluetooth wireless interface for use with wireless keyboard and mouse and can be configured with additional storage.

The cost: Around $2,500 depending on how you have it configured.

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Intel Core Duo Processor T2300/T2400/T2500/T2600/T2700 (1.66-2.33Ghz, 65mm, FSB667, 2MB L2 Cache, UPGA(478)
Intel Core Solo Processor T1300, T1400 (1.66-1.83Ghz, 65mm, FSB667, 2MB L2 Cache, UPGA478)
Intel Celeron M Processor 410/420/430 (1.46-1.73Ghz, 65mm FSB533, 1MB L2 Cache, UPGA478)
Intel Core 2 Duo(64 bit) Processor T7200/T7400/T7600, 2Ghz, 2.16Ghz, 2.33Ghz.




One DDR2 SO-DIMM Slot for Factory/Dealer InstalledBase Memory of 256/512/1024 MB; DDR2-400/533/667 SDRAM
User Installable Memory One DDR2 SO-DIMM Slot, Each of 256/512/1024 MB
Max. Memory Two DDR2 SO-DIMM Slots for Maximum Memory of 2GB


HDD Bay Dealer configurable 2.5¡¨ Format 9.5mm Height SATA HDD Module; Bus Mastering, Ultra DMA ATA-150 Support for LBA Scheme
Device Bay Fixed Slot-in DVD-Multi /Combo


HDD Bay Dealer configurable 2.5¡¨ Format 9.5mm Height SATA HDD Module; Bus Mastering, Ultra DMA ATA-150 Support for LBA Scheme
Device Bay Fixed Slot-in DVD-Multi /Combo


Display Controller Embedded in 945GM sharing with main memory.
External CRT Video 85 Hz Refresh Rate: Max. 1600 x 1200 pixels, up to 32bit Colors.


Sound Blaster Compatible, Compliant with Intel HD Audio


One DVI-I Port
DVI to HDMI cable Optional
One TV-Out Port (S-Video)
Three USB2.0 Ports at rear side One USB at front side 4 in 1 Card Reader (for SD, MS, MMC & MS Pro) Socket (Front side)
One IEEE 1394 Port
One DC-in Jack
TV-Tuner Port (Option)

Audio Ports One Headphone/Line Out Jack shared with SPDIF outOne Microphone/Line in Jack
Communication ports 56Kbps v.92 Data/Fax MDC 1.5 (Azalia) Modem Module (Option)Built-in Giga-LAN
Others External CIR Remote Control


Modem 56Kbps v.92 Data/Fax MDC 1.5 (Azalia) Modem Module (Option)
LAN Built-in Giga-LAN


Bluetooth USB Interface External Bluetooth Headphone, Keyboard & Mouse (Bluetooth 2.0)
IEEE 802.11x Intel® Pro/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection


Adapter, AC 100-240Volt, 50-60 Hz, 65W, 20 Voltage or Less


226 (W) x 172 (D) x 42 (H)