Quickflix On Viiv

Written by Peter Diversi     16/03/2006 | 02:17 | Category: INTEL VIIV

Quickflix today announced that its services will become available on the Intel Viiv digital home entertainment platform.

Quickflix On Viiv

Quickflix offers online subscription to a library of more than 19 000 latest-releases, box office hits, TV series, and documentaries. Quickflix claims that the average video rental store has only 2000 titles. 

Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford said, "Using Intel Viiv technology, Australian consumers will be able to access Quickflix from the comfort of their lounge. Using Quickflix has become as easy as search, select and sit-back.
"More consumers are choosing their home theatre systems over going to the cinema and the launch of Intel Viiv technology will only add to this.  We also believe consumers will continue to shift leisure time from free-to-air TV to Internet and DVD.  Increasingly, traditional video stores will find it hard to compete as online service provides superior choice, convenience and value". 

Intel Australia's General Manager, Philip Cronin, said, "We are delighted to have Quickflix as a key content provider for our Australian launch.  We have been impressed with Quickflix's technology and customer interface which enables it to offer each of its subscribers a highly personalised service - a key ingredient which should help drive the growth in demand for online digital entertainment."

With digital television conversion being set back to 2010-2012, Intel and Quickflix look sure to gain a solid base in the digital home market, set on becoming the norm when the conversion takes place.

Mr Langsford said, "While it may take some time before digital download is widely adopted, we predict that over the next four years online DVD rental in Australia could represent more than 25 per cent of the entire video and DVD rental market, if it follows overseas trends."