Microsoft US Demands Please Explain Over Media Center Leaks

Written by David Richards     03/08/2007 | 05:19 | Category: MICROSOFT OR LINUX

Microsoft has demanded Crestron in the US explain how SmartHouse in Australia came to reveal that a new automation and based media center was set to be jointly released in September in the USA by both Microsoft and Crestron.

The only problem is that it was not Creston that first alerted SmartHouse to the new tablet Media Center solution but Microsoft executives working in the Microsoft ehome division. Jeff Singer the Marketing Communications Director of Crestron in the USA called SmartHouse to ascertain how we came to be in possession of the information. He said "Your story has caused quite a stir. We have been accused of leaking the information. We have received high level calls from executives in Microsoft's ehome division demanding to know why we leaked confidential information".

Singer admitted that Creston is in a deep relationship with Microsoft and that new products were set to be launched but he refused to elaberate on what they were.

SmartHouse first became aware earlier this year that Microsoft was struggling to deliver a robust Media Center solution that could be used in a home environment without the system being compromised. At the same time we also became aware that Microsoft at a senior level had developed a relationship with Crestron which is a global automation company that has a reputation, unlike Microsoft, for delivering rock solid automation systems that are used in defence and government environments.


After several meetings, Microsoft realised that Crestron had in its automation knowledge an insight as to how a new robust Microsoft Media Centre solution could be developed which allowed custom installers to use the product confident that it would not be compromised.

They also realised that if a robust Crestron driven environment was created third party developers could deliver a suite of software spanning lighting control, distributed audio, security and device management for the Media Centre platform.
It is also anticipated that the two companies could deliver in the future a secure Crestron/Windows server environment that would talk to not only the Crestron Microsoft tablets but multiple devises in the home.

The relationship between Crestron and Microsoft is extremely strong as both companies realise that they have unique qualities. The first product offering from the two companies are set to be revealed at the Cedia Expo in the USA  and among the first products will be a tablet PC running both Crestron and Microsoft technology for the home.