New Helios Networking Media Hub Unveiled

Written by Mendelson Tiu     27/09/2007 | 00:33 | Category: MICROSOFT OR LINUX

Helios Labs has launched the Odyssey, a networking media hub that is capable of streaming content to multiple X-Line players as well as any UPnP-enabled devices, the company says.

New Helios Networking Media Hub Unveiled

The Odyssey supports up to 1 TB storage capacity, features a fan-less, passive cooling design, as well as compatibility with Helios' X-Line players.

With hard drive support of up to 1 TB of space, the Odyssey can store movies, songs, HD movies, and other files that a user would like to store in their home or office network. Moreover, users may be able to stream all of the files via an Ethernet cable or a wireless LAN connection to almost any room.

The Odyssey features an open-source, Linux core and will be able to support features like P2P client, RSS feeds and other upcoming open-source software. The company claims that the Odyssey is completely compatible with its X-Line players, as the Odyssey can immediately create a network with any X-Line player and can directly stream media files to it via an Ethernet cable. Finally, with a fan-less, industrial designed full aluminum case, users no longer have to worry about the Odyssey's power consumption, nor risks of fan-failure

Helios Labs' CEO, Jean Chen said, "The phrase 'media center' has been thrown around for more than a decade and has focused on the PC as the center of home communication and entertainment for far too long. We believe the Odyssey's intuitive, user-friendly design will be much more than just a viable alternative, it will be tailor-made, by you, to meet all the needs of a digital home in today's world of digital home entertainment."

"So many companies are going the way of proprietary solutions, locking the consumer into a limited number of formats and forcing them into a media prison of sorts. We are going in a different direction, we are going towards the future; a future that gives you a chance to create your own library of content and stream it to any TV or stereo in the house. This is yet another way we are putting the power back into the hands (and fingers) of the people," added Jean.