IceTV EPG Now Vista Compatible

Written by Manisha Kanetkar     19/03/2007 | 00:45 | Category: MICROSOFT OR LINUX

The IceTV electronic program guide (EPG) and Personal Interactive Media Planner (PIMP) are now compatible with Windows media centre PCs running Vista.

IceTV EPG Now Vista Compatible

IceTV provides a seven day TV guide subscription service for compatible recorders, which allows you to highlight the free-to-air program you would like to record and then set it, either at home, or remotely via a Internet using the IceTV PIMP.

And the PIMP also adds extra record padding - boosting the standard four minutes up to 60 minutes so you don't miss the start of end of a show, the company says.

Once recorded, your TV programs appear in your library under their title, episode name and description, rather than just a date and time.

If your Vista media centre PC has two tuners you can also record two programs at once while watching a third pre-recorded program direct from your PC's hard drive.

IceTV's Vista version currently only supports the 32-Bit version of Vista, support for 64-Bit Vista will be coming shortly in a future update, the company says.