TiVo Prepared For New 7Two Channel

Written by Mendelson Tiu     30/10/2009 | 04:46 | Category: SET TOP BOXES

Hybrid Television Services has assured its customers that the new digital channel, 7TWO, will automatically be scanned and included in its TiVO PVR.

TiVo Prepared For New 7Two Channel

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The TiVo box will automatically scan for the new channel and program scheduling will automatically appear in the TiVo proprietary 7 day on-screen TV Guide (EPG) ready to watch, record, Season Pass record and add to WishList searches of favourite actors or genres.

CEO of Hybrid TV, Robbee Minicola said, "It is truly an exciting time for digital free-to-air television in Australia and underpins our decision for our customers to "Watch Freeview" vs "Live TV" on our TiVo Central menu."

"There has never been more to watch and never been a better way to control and enjoy your free-to-air TV viewing experience than with a TiVo. With 7TWO, Seven has succeeded in providing viewers with a unique digital channel that offers viewers premium content as well as an array of programs that simply mean more and more and more TV for free," adds Minicola.

7TWO claims to be jam-packed with movies, action, drama, lifestyle, kids programming and even theme nights. Classic hits such as The Sopranos, plus brand new series' of favourites such as Ugly Betty, Heroes, Lost and 24 which will be premiered on 7TWO.