A $2,200 Arcam Solo soundbar, has been voted the worst of 26 soundbars tested by consumer group Choice, while the$2,499 Yamaha YSP 5600BSW, was voted the best soundbar it was the $599 Cambridge Audio TV 5 that came out on top up against some of it’s more expensive rivals.

The Arcam offering was so bad that it only managed to score 21% by the Choice Stereo Listening panel meanwhile the Multi-Channel listening panel only gave it a score of 23%, it was also beaten by the Bauhn soundbar sold at Aldi and the Soniq sound bar sold at JB Hi Fi.

In comparison, the $599 Cambridge Audio TV 5 scored 84% for stereo listening and 78% for multichannel listening.

The outright winner the Yamaha YSP 5600BSW soundbar scored 97% for stereo listening and 94% for multichannel listening.

The Arcam Solo was so bad according to the Choice experts that it was beaten by an $80 Bauhn soundbar sold by Aldi. That scored 28% for stereo listening and 23% for multichannel listening.

The Arcam Solo which is sold at specialist dealers is distributed by Advanced Audio the same Company that sells the overpriced KEF gear in Australia.

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When it came to 24bit soundbars the Bluesound Pulse with a sub came out on top. The Denon Heos 24bit soundbar was not tested by Choice.

The new Sonos Playbase which is selling for $999 is currently on back order. It rated 72% for Stereo listening and 82% for Multichannel listening.

Another big winner from the shootout was the $399 Samsung HW K360, it scored 67% for stereo listening and 60% for multichannel listening.

Advanced Audio have been asked to comment.

Phil Sawyer the CEO of Synergy Audio the distributor of the Cambridge Audio a UK designed soundbar said” We are delighted that TV5 has come out on top up against more expensive rivals. Considering the performance, price and the fact it is made by a leading UK Hi Fi Company, the Cambridge Audio offering is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high performance soundbar”.