There are wireless speakers, and then there are wireless speakers. Speakers for audiences who care as much about aesthetics as they do acoustics. This two-pronged demands sometimes yields interesting results, such is the case with Kalium Labs new Sound Heroes wireless speaker.

Currently available for preorder on IndieGoGo, the wireless speaker originally aimed for $20,000 in crowdfunded orders but has now raked in closer to $250,000 worth.

Boasting a curiously-polygonal sculpture design and an integrated wireless charging dock, Wi-Fi range extender, customization ambient lights and smoke machine – the AD’OM certainly goes above and beyond what you usually expect to get out of a wireless speaker. The upsized Premium model even throws in a subwoofer.

According to Kalium Labs, “our mission was to create a Bluetooth speaker, that sets itself apart from the crowd. A product that rises above the average. With this is mind we created AD’OM. Now, we truly believe, that through our work, the speaker design is set to change, forever.”

“Every angle of our speaker is polished manually giving it a polygonal design complemented with sharp edges,” they say.

In reality, the AD’OM’s featureset is a bit of a novelty but if you want to kit your home out with a wireless speaker unlike any other, it’s hard to look past this (slightly-ridiculous) option.

The mainline AD’OM model is available in two sizes (45 cm and 72 cm), starting at $120 USD (plus shipping). Those who order now are expected to have their hands on the speaker by October.