New Apple iPhone Credited With Causing Motion Sickness

Written by David Richards     29/09/2013 | 14:29 | Category: PHONES

The new Apple iPhone 5S has been blamed for creating "digitally induced motion sickness".

New Apple iPhone Credited With Causing Motion Sickness

Experts claim that the Apple operating system uses a 'parallax' effect in their digital display which is designed to make the phone screen appear more 3D.

Technology which causes images to 'pop out' at the viewer has long been known to cause headaches because our eyes naturally converge to focus on an object moving closer.

But because, in reality, we're still looking at a flat and unmoving surface the eyes are fooled and become strained.

And the bad news for tech fans is that this kind of disorientation is not expected to get better with advancements in technology.

According to the Daily Mail the problem will become the biggest occupational illness of the 21st century.

They claim that tech experts have identified a variation on the traditional disorientating ailment, called 'simulation sickness' which is caused by looking at a screen rather than travelling in a boat, car or plane.

And they say the problem will only get worse, as gadgets become better at mimicking the real world around us.

The phenomena has already been experienced by iPhone users who have downloaded the new IOS7.

Also targeted as a problem are the new Google Glasses
Scientists have predicted that 3D displays and virtual reality gadgets will only get better at copying the real world.

This means that the brain is likely to be tricked more easily, causing more disorientation and more stimulation sickness.

Google Glass, is expected to affect users who are predisposed to motion sickness.

The hi-tech spectacles which will flash screens, text and pictures into the wearers view has already been identified as problematic because it projects movement into a person's still field of vision.

SmartHouse has been told that up to 30% of Australians suffer from motion sickness.