Apple Lightening Connector Facing Ban

Written by David Richards     30/09/2013 | 14:18 | Category: PHONES

Apple is facing a ban on its proprietary Lightning connector after the European Union indicated that it prefers the standardised power connector used by brands such as Sony, Samsung, HTC and most Android phone makers.

Apple Lightening Connector Facing Ban

An EU Parliament Committee has voted to standardise power connectors in Europe via a microUSB connector.

The two odd balls are Apple and Asus who have chosen to go with proprietary connectors that only work with their model devices. Consumers who lose a charger are forced to pay for a new charger which are sold with mark ups of over 500%.

Apple Lightening Connector

Now Apple is facing having to scrap their Lightning iPhone connector after the EU proposal passed with a unanimous vote and was filed in a bid to reduce the amount of waste created by old or unused phone chargers.

These changes would also benefit phone customers who could easily borrow or swap chargers, and could additionally be extended to include tablet connectors, too.

In a statement issued last week, the committee announced it 'will decide later whether to start informal negotiations with the EU Council in order to seek an early first-reading agreement.'

Apple introduced its Lightning connector in September 2012.

At the time Apple claimed that the Lightning connector delivered 'faster file transfers' when plugged into a laptop and can be inserted either way up.

An update in Apple's iOS 7 prevents users from charging their phones using non-Apple chargers.

Users claim that it is "merely a way for Apple to charge more" for their technology.