HTC Stuff Up Invites To M8 Launch In The Rain

Written by David Richards     27/03/2014 | 13:12 | Category: PHONES

HTC who have a reputation for poor marketing and sloppy PR has been caught out yet again, this time with two different times being sent out to attendees invited to a launch party for their new M8 smartphone.

HTC Stuff Up Invites To M8 Launch In The Rain

Earlier this week invitations went out to an HTC launch event at the Blue Bar at the Blue Hotel Woolloomooloo in Sydney. 

One invitation seen by ChannelNews was for a 1.30pm invite and the other for a 4.30pm invite. 

We have also discovered that the event is not taking place at the Blue Hotel but on a boat sailing around Sydney Harbour in the rain.

Invitees have not been told that they are expected to board a boat in what is tipped to be a very wet trip around Sydney Harbour. 

PR executives admit that a mistake was made and the wrong time was sent out to some invitees. 

What has not been explained is what will happen to invited guests who turn up late for an event that by all accounts was supposed to be land based.

Maybe The word 'Meeting Point' on the invitation was a clue that a boat trip in the wet was imminent. 

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