Is Apple Deliberately Creating Supply Shortages For iPhone5S

Written by David Richards     22/09/2013 | 17:23 | Category: PHONES

Apple which has a very clear marketing strategy appear to be deliberately engaging in creating stock shortages in an effort to boost the impression that their new iPhone 5 has sold out.

Is Apple Deliberately Creating Supply Shortages For iPhone5S
Sources at Apple have told ChannelNews that the Company "deliberately" "trickles" stock into the market in an effort to create "brand value".

During the weekend Apple appear to have achieved their objective with the new iPhone 5 now being sold on eBay for three times their retail value.

Stocks of the iPhone 5S sold out at Apple stores on Saturday with two people openly offering handsets for sale at Apple's Chatswood store for $150 for more than what they were purchased.

The same situation is happening in New York and London with owners offering brazen deals on the black market as they sell on the new iPhone 5s.

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Apple which has manufactured millions of the new handsets is believed to be warehousing stock in several countries. 

One Chinese source said "Apple would never manufacture small volumes. They know from past sales and past launches how many iPhones are needed in store to meet demand. The situation where stock is in short supply has been created as part of their marketing strategy. You only have to talk to suppliers to know that they have manufactured in excess of their current on sale stock". 

An unidentified network spokesman told the BBC they had been sent 'crates and crates' of the 5C, but were being 'drip fed' the more expensive 5S.

Sources at U.S. networks added that they have received significantly fewer handsets than expected, too. 

One told AllThingsD: 'We will have grotesquely unavailable inventory'.

Another complained of 'extremely disappointing shipments from Apple, ' yet didn't think it would be a problem in the States because the iPhone 5C will be more popular.

Apple has not commented on the reports.