Phablet iPhone 6 'In Production'?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     02/04/2014 | 10:43 | Category: PHONES

Larger 4.7" Apple will be launched later this year

Phablet iPhone 6 That's according to Reuters, which suggests Apple's next big thing - literally - is about to hit the production lines in Japan. 

The larger screen device - rumoured to have a 4.7" screen - would be the largest iPhone ever made, as Apple play catch up with rival Samsung who have made a killing making larger screen, 'phablet' style mobiles. 

There is also a larger 5.5-inch version but may be delayed, supply chain sources told Reuters, blamed on "difficulties with in-cell production technology," which allows the device to stay slim while increasing the display size.  

Japan Display, will be the first to kick off production of the 6 next month, while Sharp and LG Display are tipped to kick off manufacturing in June. 

iPhone 6 is rumored to have sapphire display, 10-megapixel f/1.8 camera with interchangeable lenses among other features. 

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