What's The Cheapest Galaxy S5 Plan?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     28/03/2014 | 10:36 | Category: PHONES

If your're a data guzzler, its definitely Virgin


Virgin have undercut Vodafone by $1, charging $73 a month for the new Samsung S5.

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The $60 plan plus $13 phone fee includes unlimited texts, MMS, $700 call value inclduing unlimited calls (to other Virgin users only), and 3GB mobile internet.

The fourth largest telco appears to have excellent value if you're like most of us and are a massive mobile internet guzzler - offering 3GB data, as part of Virgin's double data offer and a high call value, compared to others. 

Vodafone $74 plan is also offering 3GB data, and similar allowances; Infinite SMS to national/international numbers - so handy if you've mates abroad and $600 call value and free calls to other Vodafone numbers. 

Optus are also offering Samung S5 on a $76 plan but with half the data allowance of 1.5GB. Telstra plans are pricier but if you're in a bad network area may be worth the extra doe. 

There are also other Virgin plans for the new S5 including $57, $63 and $68, the latter offers 1GB data. Pre-orders are open now. The 5.1" Full HD Samsung S5 goes on sale 11 April.