OZ To Get Flexible 4K OLED LG Smartphone by Xmas

Written by David Richards     20/06/2013 | 09:23 | Category: PHONES

LG Australia who recently launched their top end Optimus G smartphone is set to launch a flexible 4K OLED smartphone by the end of the year.

OZ To Get Flexible 4K OLED LG Smartphone by Xmas

The device which was shown at the CES Show in January is currently in production with insiders tipping a 4Q launch in Australia.

What is not known is the recommended retail price or whether the screen will be as tough as Gorilla Glass.

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The Korean Company who is a major player in the Australia prepaid market where they have stripped market share away from Nokia said overnight that what was a concept device in January is now a reality.

Speaking to the Korea Times, an LG executive said: "we have completed the development of our first flexible displays. We will mass produce flexible display from the fourth quarter of this year."

ChannelNews understands that LG has been working with Qualcomm with the device set to incorporate a new processor.

What is not known at this stage is to what extent the panel will actually bend. Some analysts claim that  LG may choose to wrap the flexible OLED around one or more sides of its phone, extending the panel so that it can be seen from more than one angle. 

At CES LG executives said that  an OLED display supports individual portions of a display without the whole screen being powered. This they claim extends battery life. 

LG who recently claimed that Samsung executives had spied on their OLED development operation have said that they will make the technology available to other manufacturers.

 LG Display executives have confirmed that the new flexible OLED display will deliver 'Ultra High-Definition' 4K resolution.

The device will" flex around a bum" when placed in a back pocket according to LG.

The device is believed to have a 4.6" display screen.