Has 'The One' Saved HTC?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     07/05/2013 | 09:16 | Category: PHONES

Maybe the One was worth waiting for, after all; HTC sales resurge on One

Has 'The One' Saved HTC?

Taiwanese phone maker said April revenues were NT$19.6bn ($645m), up 24% from March. 

However, last month's revenue still took a tumble by 37% compared to April '12. 

Since January, sales revenue has fallen consecutively each month by around 40% on average. 

Last week the One maker said Q1 (Jan-Mar) profit fell a massive 98%, and revenue dropped to NT$42.8 bn ($1.4m), a fall from $NT60m last quarter, and down on last year. 

March revenues slumped almost 50% to NT 15.8bn. 

Last month, HTC made its acclaimed One smartphone available in more countries globally including Australia after weeks of production delays. 

However, all is not lost for the struggling former Android darling. 

Figures just out from analyst comScore show HTC is the No. 3 smartphone in the US behind leaders Apple and Samsung, falling -1.2% during the period Dec-March this year and is still ahead of Motorola and LG. 

Last week CEO Peter Chou confirmed HTC would put additional marketing resources into pushing HTC One globally. 

However, the phone maker who also backed Microsoft Windows 8 platform with HTC 8X and 8S devices, expects a better second quarter with revenue around NT$70 billion and operating margin to pick up to 1-3%- up from just 0.1% at present. 

However, there was some other good news for HTC locally. 

Retailer JB Hi Fi last week said HTC One along with Samsung Galaxy S 4 would be one of the big sellers in its phone market this year, in an investor presentation last week. 

Telco's worldwide including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone here in OZ are all pushing hard on the One as the Taiwanese maker fight for survival against Samsung and Apple, the dominant players in the phone market. 

Maybe the One was worth waiting for, after all. 

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