EXCLUSIVE:Google Set To Crank Up OZ Hardware Sales

Written by David Richards     05/05/2014 | 08:18 | Category: PHONES

Internet giant Google who last week aquired a UK retail data sciences Company is close to finalising a deal with a major Australian distributor who will provide local logistics for Google Nexus hardware products as well as Google glasses, smartphones, tablets their Chromecast devices according to sources.

EXCLUSIVE:Google Set To Crank Up OZ Hardware Sales
The search Company who is set to sell and supply locally as opposed to shipping in from overseas locations, the distributor will be able to facilitate next day delivery and in some cases same day delivery from locations in key capital cities. 

The move to local distribution will see Google crank up local marketing for their low cost products in a move that could upset their Android partners who are selling premium priced Android products spanning tablets and smartphones. 

Indications at this stage is that Google intends to sell their products directly.

According to Terry Smart the CEO of JB Hi Fi his Company is not aware of any plans by Google to increase sales of their products via retailers however a local Google source has confirmed that a deal with a local distributor to house stock locally and for that distributor to provide logistic support is in place.    

Over the weekend Google aquired Rangespan, a UK start-up that uses data science to help retailers determine which products to sell and when.

Founded in 2011 in London by former Amazon employees, Rangespan is the third UK start-up to be acquired by Google this year.

On its website, Rangespan wrote: "We are very happy to announce that Rangespan is joining Google."

The terms of the purchase were not made public.

Rangespan has previously helped clients such as Tesco and Asda use real-time sales data to better predict which products will be popular with customers and to better manage supply chains.

Google will absorb the firm and its technology and Rangespan will no longer sell services to clients.

"As part of the change, we will wind down Rangespan's services. We've already begun working individually with each of our retailers and suppliers on this process," the firm said on its website.

The move comes as Google aims to expand its Google Shopping web portal and e-commerce offerings.