Optus CEO Admits We 'Screwed Customers'

Written by David Richards     22/11/2013 | 15:24 | Category: PHONES

Optus who has been playing second fiddle to Telstra for years has now admitted that they deliberately overcharged their customers for years.

Optus CEO Admits We
The person owning up to deplorable "bill shock" behaviour is no other than Optus CEO Kevin Russell.

Now he wants consumers to trust Optus claiming that their past actions as "crap" and "immoral".

The Sydney Morning Herald claims that at an end of year media party in Sydney on Thursday night, Kevin Russell said Optus had now taken a "really serious" stance to the practise, dubbed "bill shock", whereby a customer runs up a costly mobile phone bill by using too much data or calls, particularly when roaming overseas.

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He told the SMH that he know that if consumers don't complain Optus will make an extra whopping bit of revenue. 

He said "Let's be crystal clear. As an industry, we know how people use their phones, we know that young people will get their first smartphone and go bananas on it, we know people are going to get hit with a $500 or $600 bill, and we know that if they don't complain we'll get an extra whopping bit of revenue," Mr Russell said.

Their past actions which tantamount to obtaining a benefit by deception have often been denied by the carrier that is owned by Singapore Telecom. 

Russel who wants consumers to still use their network said "I just think a lot of Australians are paying a lot more than they should be and running through their allowances and it's hammering people," Mr Russell told journalists and staff.

Mr Russell, who has been in the position since 2012, also decried data roaming as a "shocker".