Smartphones That Talk To Display Screens Set To Be The Future For PC's

Written by David Richards     24/09/2013 | 14:02 | Category: PHONES

As Samsung gets set to launch a big new Note 3 new research has revealed that large screen mobile devices may become the hub for all computing experiences at home, in the office, and on-the-go over the next five years.

Smartphones That Talk To Display Screens Set To Be The Future For PC
Developments in display interface technologies is making it possible to use small devices that talk to a display screen claims  ABI Research who said that hundreds of millions of PCs, displays, and projectors will offer this capability today and 2.1 billion smartphones and tablets are forecast to ship with this functionality through 2018.

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Applications range from mirroring the mobile display for presentations and mobile gaming, to second screen uses for more immersive content experiences, and remote control/navigation applications for VCR-style content control.

A combination of wired and wireless technologies are available today: VESA Mobility DisplayPort, MHL, and Wi-Fi Miracast. The capabilities of the display and availability of adapters between the mobile device and display will remain the gating factor for years to come. "Wired technologies currently have the upper-hand since it's only a matter of using a compatible cable," said senior practice director Jeff Orr. "In the next couple years, the battleground will shift toward the use of 60GHz wireless protocols, including WirelessHD and WiGig, capable of pushing Ultra HD video content from the mobile device to the home, office, or vehicle display." Other technical advancements expected include enterprise-grade security and manageability of the displays within an IT organization.

Hundreds of millions of computers, displays, and projectors are capable of extending displays today, though seemingly unbeknownst to the general public. The technologies are well-integrated, which has led to a lack of market awareness. "Technology ecosystems that are able to rally vendors and device OEMs to promote these new display applications will gain a competitive edge in reaching the first generation of converged mobile computing users," added Orr.