Hold The Date - LG To Make Major Smartphone Announcement

Written by David Richards     23/06/2013 | 16:02 | Category: PHONES

LG, which has been making headway in the both the top end and prepaid smartphone market in Australia, is set to unveil on August 7 a new smartphone running the superfast Snapdragon 800 processor. It's not known if LG will also unveil its new flexible OLED 4K smartphone.

Hold The Date - LG To Make Major Smartphone Announcement

A "save the date" email from LG reveals the company will stage an international mobile event on August 7.

SmartHouse understands that LG could drop the use of the name Optimus, which in Australia is very close to the name Optus -Australia's second-largest carrier.

One potential device that may get announced is the newly-confirmed LG G series smartphone, which will be among the most powerful smartphones ever launched. What is not known is whether the increased processor speed equates to a bigger drain on the battery, similar to what is happening with the new Samsung Galaxy S4.