McGee Quits Samsung New Telco Boss Appointed

Written by David Richards     26/11/2013 | 12:25 | Category: PHONES

Tyler McGee, the former Vice President of Telecommunications has unexpectedly quit Samsung Australia and has been replaced by a former Vodafone executive.

McGee Quits Samsung New Telco Boss Appointed
McGee who has successfully run the most profitable division of the local Samsung subsidiary has been replaced by Prasad Gokhale, a former Vodafone UK executive who now has the title of Vice President of the Telecommunications Division in Australia.

Samsung Australia said "Tyler McGee the former Vice President of Telecommunications has unexpectedly quit and has been replaced by a former Vodafone executive".

At Vodafone Group U.K, Gokhale he was a key member of Vodafone's leadership team and led its terminals business across Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

Samsung said that he has a strong track record across global markets, driving transformation and business development programs, and brings a wealth of experience in developing cutting edge technology and innovative solutions for international customers.

In Australia the Telecommunications division that includes tablets and smartphones has witnessed rapid growth under McGee.

In their latest financial filings Samsung Australia reported a $706 million dollar increase in revenues with the Telecommunications division being a major contributor to the growth.  

Between 2011 and 2012 Samsung Australia lifted revenues from $1.617 Billion to $2.324 Billion. Profits went from $10,416,000 to $15,299,000.

During the same period Samsung Australia's overall market share of the tablet market doubled from 12% to 24%.

Mr. S.R. Yoon, Managing Director - Samsung Electronics Australia, said, "Prasad has a proven global track record with the depth of experience required to move the Samsung telecommunications business forward. As a previous business partner he is already familiar with the Samsung operation in Australia and we believe his global perspective and leadership qualities will add another dimension to the business."

Gokhale said "My initial focus will be to develop a deeper understanding of the team, our customers and their needs. I look forward to leveraging my experience from global markets to help develop solutions that meet the changing and growing expectations of partners and consumers. My main objective is that in addition to being Australia's leading technology brand, we are also the most preferred brand of choice for our partners and consumers."

During his previous role at Vodafone Group U.K. as Director of Terminals, Prasad drove a transformation program of Vodafone's mobile device procurement and portfolio management business across 13 markets He held a range of management roles at Vodafone, including senior positions in both Japan and Australia. Prasad is multi-lingual and was educated at Sydney University (MBA) and Griffith University (Bachelor International Business).