Samsung Galaxy S5 JB Hi-Fi's "Headline Act"

Written by Oonagh Reidy     02/04/2014 | 14:23 | Category: PHONES

Its not even on sale yet, but JB Hi-Fi are predicting big things for the next Samsung Galaxy hero, due to go on sale next week.

Samsung Galaxy S5 JB Hi-Fi"Samsung Galaxy S5, Xbox One and PS4 are our headlines acts" this year, says JB Hi-Fi Marketing boss Scott Browning. 

"The more we can get our hands on, the better," he says, referring to the recent stock shortages of both Sony and Microsoft's consoles as well as the Microsoft Surface, which has surged in popularity. Xbox One supplies are still tight but PS4 are getting back on track.

Telcos including Telstra, Vodafone have all reported major interest in the new waterproof 5.1" Full HD SUPER AMOLED Galaxy S5, with 16MP camera with detection auto-focus, tap 'n pay mobile payments, likely to be the hero smartphone of 2014. 

But it's not just smartphones and consoles.

Tablets are still getting major attention from tech consumers - especially the Microsoft Surface tablet which after a slow start, is now selling like hot cakes, Browning told CN. 

The Surface all-in-one which converts from a tablet to a notebook, "solves a lot of the problems associated with other tablets including multi format issues." The Windows 8 device offers good value proposition, with better features than previous models.  

Other tablets from Lenovo are also proving popular as are cheaper sub -$300 tablets - mostly Androids. These have a "gadget attraction", a cheap gaming solution and good for kids. 

Is the PC dead?

No, says Browning. 

All in one desktops are still in demand, although admits there's no growth in the category. 

The quality of laptops are also getting better but tablets are eating into lower end sub $700 notebooks, noting a "big shift" in favour of tablets under this price point. Apple Macs are also still strong sellers.

"I wouldn't say (PC are dead) dead but are certainly decreasing as we become more mobile. Tablets also continue to increase in popularity in line with the overall shift to mobile devices."

Home goodies 

"We're also gravitating towards home appliances," a broad mix of lifestyle goods like juicers, blenders, and floorcare like the new robo vacuums, says Browning. 

It's an "exciting opportunity" he says, noting white goods are now kitted out with smart multi-features,Wi-Fi connectivity and are better quality.  

However, TVs don't have the same must have now momentum as, say, a console or iPhone, but OLED and Curved screen sets are driving that category. 

People are upsizing to bigger screens, says Browning. Two years ago it was 42" TV displays - now its 55"-65" sets that are the big trend. Price deflation, changing living room designs and thinner screens has contributed to this.

Cunningham also notes high end panels are the main TV trend in Betta stores.