Belkin's ScreenCare+ Rolling Out In Apple Stores Across Oz

Written by Martin Kovacs     10/02/2016 | 19:15 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Belkin's ScreenCare+ screen protection system is being rolled out in Apple stores across Australia from today.

BelkinScreenCare+ is available for the iPhone 6 and 6s, and the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, "designed to create a seamless screen application experience".

It provides "perfect alignment between the iPhone's screen and the screen protection film, without compromising the screen experience", with the protectors applied by a trained specialist in Apple.

There are two types of screen protectors to choose from: InvisiGlass and Anti-Glare.

Belkin's InvisiGlass provides:

- FluidFlex technology: absorbs impact, shatterproof
- Strong: rated 9H hardness (one below diamond)
- Natural: glides and reacts just like iPhone screen
- Ultra-thin: preserves touchscreen sensitivity
- Clarity: uniform molecular structure

Belkin's Anti-Glare provides:

- Maximises protection and minimises glare
- Improved visibility: reduces glare even in bright light
- Protects: rated 3H hardness with anti-scratch coating
- Ultra-thin: preserves touchscreen sensitivity