Telstra Online Now 28% New Facebook App This Week

Written by David Richards     19/02/2012 | 19:17 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Telstra has increased online sales from 10% to 28% with the carrier now looking to grow their online business even further the news comes as Telstra gets set to unveil a Facebook app that will allow customers to log on to their Telstra accounts.

Telstra Online Now 28% New Facebook App This Week

Digital director Gerd Schenkel claims that the gain in sales through online channels vindicated the company's decision to follow a strategy perfected by the banks who have lowered costs by increasing online transactions and improving customer service.

Speaking to the Australian newspapaer Schenkel said that Telstra was now looking to increase their online business to 35 per cent in 2012 s opposed to 2013.

"We are now we are driving sales volume because it's becoming easier to buy online. We are driving service transactions, which gives us a cost-reduction opportunity in paper and postage savings. And finally this online push is freeing up our store agents and staff because more people are accessing their accounts online."

The Australian newspaper said that the push to improve Telstra's online service transactions is not only reaping positive results in sales, with the telco adding another million mobile customer in the six months to December, but it's also helping the company to strip costs from its business.

In the past 18 months, Telstra's simplification program, codenamed Project New, has delivered productivity benefits of more than $1 billion, and the drive into new online initiatives accounts for 10 per cent of those gains.

Schenkel said "Facebook is the single biggest mass social platform with more than 11 million regular users in Australia, which is pretty much every adult who accesses the internet. People spending time on Facebook means that is the place where they want to interact with service providers like us."

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