New Plantronics Bluetooth Holds Charge For 5 Months

Written by Tony Ibrahim     19/07/2012 | 02:55 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Plantronics has launched two new Bluetooth headsets that can hold charge for five months.

New Plantronics Bluetooth Holds Charge For 5 Months

Plantronics' M25 and M55 Bluetooth headsets put to work DeepSleep technology in order to hold battery life for an impressive 5 months. DeepSleep technology is activated when the paired phone has been out of the headset's range for 90 minutes, and can be reactivated by simply pressing the call button.

Plantronics' National Sale Manager Peter Petrides said "the M25 and M55 are quite simply the easiest headsets to use if you're transitioning from wired to a wireless and don't want to be charging your headset all the time.

"We understand it can be inconvenient at times, having to remember to charge so many devices, and for a novice user, the built-in intelligence surrounding power-management makes the M25 and M55 headsets ready and charged when you are."

The M25 and M55 are available now for $49 and $69 respectively. Following is the spec sheet as detailed by Plantronics.

M25 and M55 Benefits:
? DeepSleep mode that extends battery life for up to five months
? Voice Alerts that whisper talk time, battery level, and more
? Lightweight, compact design, weighing 8 grams
? A2DP, wideband and multipoint technologies
? Digital noise reduction for improved call quality and built-in echo cancelling
? Up to 11 hours of talk time, 16 hours of standby or 150 days in DeepSleep hibernation mode app for a battery headset meter