Forget "Rogue Bills": Voda $5 Biz Roaming

Written by Oonagh Reidy     07/03/2014 | 09:31 | Category: INDUSTRY

Telco says its rooting for SME's with Red roaming for $5 a-day

Forget "Rogue Bills": Voda $5 Biz Roaming The red telco  has rearmed its business phone plans with a flat roaming rate of $5 a day, as the battle for the mobile traveller continues among the major telcos. 

Vodafone's flat rate for business is $5 per user each day, on Voda Red Business Shared Plan, designed for companies with a fleet of mobiles.  

The rate is valid across 46 countries worldwide including the US, UK, NZ, Europe and Asia. 

The plans also offers extra data SIMs for tablets or mobile broadband, for $10 a month per SIM. 

Last month Vodafone announced $5 4G roaming for customers, running off the group's global mobile network. Read: Telco "Underdog" Bites 4G Big Boys.

The number of business trips taken overseas has jumped by 59% over the past decade as mobile wireless is more widely used than fixed services. 

Vodafone says the flat fee will cut overheads, as it looks to attracts thousands of customers back on to the network and claims to be market-leader in global roaming.     

"Vodafone's business customers have told us very clearly what they need from us is the ability to travel to do business without having to worry about a rogue bill coming in from a short business trip overseas," said Vodafone Director of Sales Ben McIntosh. 

"SMEs are increasingly moving away from expensive cable and fixed wireless connections, which makes sense as typically, telecommunications among the highest operational costs for a SME, after premises and staffing," he said. 

"We offer our customers a flexible, affordable solution that allows them to do what they do best and give them data access where they need it. We want to help Australian SMEs grow and the best way to do that is to give businesses the tools they need and let them get on with it."

New BYOD Plans for businesses, Shared Data Add Ons for voracious data users from 2-100GB per month, with no fixed contract, were also announced for business customers, today.  

Shared data rates starts at $20 for 2GB (equals $0.0098/MB). 

Vodafone shared plans includes calls to 1300/1800 numbers, infinite voicemail plus infinite standard TXT to here and overseas, in Australia.