SanDisk Revamps Memory Solutions, With SSD, 64GB MicroSD And More

Written by Tony Ibrahim     21/09/2011 | 05:40 | Category: INDUSTRY

SanDisk has released a new range of storage solutions, including Memory Vaults, Solid State Drives, 64GB memory cards and upgraded USB sticks.

SanDisk Revamps Memory Solutions, With SSD, 64GB MicroSD And More

SanDisk's new memory vault will store images without compromising their quality for up to 100 years. It comes in limited 8GB and 16GB variants, at $49.99 and $89.99 respectively. 

Above is the 64GB of micro SDXC memory card. 64GB of memory is a massive amount of capacity and, provided your gear is compatible with it, would be a great addition to smartphones and tablets. Data is transferred at 30MB/second and will retail for $212.

SanDisk have also released a new Cruzer range of USB stick memory solutions. The Cruzer Fit USB flash drive is petit and complements space saving notebooks and will come range from 4GBs (RRP$9) to 16GB (RRP$28)


Completing the Cruzer range is the Switch, differentiated by its attached flip-top cap, which will help prevent damage and keep it looking schmick.  Available in 2GB to 32GB capacities, retail prices start from $19.99.

Topping off their new range is SanDisk's contribution to the Sold State Drive revolution. SSDs are lighter than HDDs, offer faster transfer speeds (in this case 250MB/second) and are more reliable due to a lack of moving parts. It will be available in 60GB (RRP$171), 120GB (RRP$309) and 240GB (RRP$591).