Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales To Hit 10M As Demand For HTC One Surges

Written by David Richards     20/05/2013 | 08:33 | Category: INDUSTRY

Samsung is expecting to hit the 10 million sales milestone for their new Galaxy S4 this week despite shipping delays in Australia, also set to ramp up production is HTC as sales of the HTC One surge.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales To Hit 10M As Demand For HTC One Surges
Samsung co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun believes it would become the fastest selling smartphone in the company's history, beating its predecessor to the very same sales barrier by almost three weeks.

Addressing reporters at an industry forum in Seoul, co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun claimed "We are confident that we will pass more than 10 million sales of the S4 next week. It is selling much faster than the previous model S3." After commenting on the 50 days it took for the Galaxy S3 to reach 10 million, Shin advised the Korea Times that it will be "Samsung's first '10 million seller' device less than a month after its official debut." 

Also experiencing a surge in demand is HTC with the Company ramping up production of their HTC One smartphone.

Last week HTC said that they were increasing the production volume to keep up with this demand. HTC One sales haven't been as strong as the Taiwanese manufacturer had hoped due to component shortages. The company said that production is going to double this month compared to April.

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Retailers affected by the shortage said that the new camera module in the HTC One is partially to blame for causing the shortages. It's a new technology for HTC with larger pixels instead of more pixels for better low-light performance and dynamic range. 

The new camera module is designed specifically for the HTC One, and shortages of components due to a "significant increase in demand" is what has been holding the HTC One back from hitting stores in high volume.