Oh No - Optus Dumps Animals For Yes Branding

Written by David Richards     25/06/2013 | 08:21 | Category: INDUSTRY

There was no giraffe, zebra or gorilla in sight this week as Optus, which is struggling to compete with Telstra in the fast-growing 4G market - unveiled a new branding exercise, bringing back an emphasis on the word "Yes", and avoiding its customary use of cartoon animals.

Oh No - Optus Dumps Animals For Yes Branding
"Yes" was Optus's original branding word-of-the-day in 1992, when it first sought to persuade Telecom/Telstra subscribers to move to its then fledgling system.

"Yes is not just a word", declared a new Optus website that went live on June 25 ahead of the latest brand refresh launch. It claimed the term means Optus will focus on customer service, and improving its networks.

Optus for several years has been using animals including giraffes in its advertising, but they have been in decline over the past few months. Now they have been sent to the advertising knackery. 

But cuteness apparently remains in the new branding exercise, with one branding image showing a cartoonish yellow mascot called Ollie leaning on a new Optus logo.