Libratone Speakers Learn Android + Windows Music Streaming

Written by Tony Ibrahim     29/01/2013 | 01:35 | Category: INDUSTRY

Libratone's speaker range can now stream music to Android and Windows devices.

Libratone speakers can now stream music wirelessly to Android and Windows devices. The company released an update enabling DLNA streaming to compatible devices and plans on releasing a dedicated Android application in February.

Apart from the impressive sound and dazzling Scandanavian design, Libratone's speakers are renowned for their PlayDirect functionality. PlayDirect allows their speakers to communicate directly with Apple AirPlay devices without using a WiFi network. Previously it was a feature of the Zipp portable speaker alone, but the update now brings PlayDirect to its Live and Lounge siblings.

Libratone also claims their PlayDirect technology will work with Android and Windows devices.

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"The very essence of Libratone is freedom, and through this update many more people will be able to set their music free," says Tommy Andersen, CEO of Libratone.

"This update underscores our commitment to continually innovate our products, deliver uncompromising quality and expand our customers' options for making the most of their music."

PlayDirect was first featured on Libratone's Zipp

The free software update is applicable to the current family of Libratone wireless speakers and includes their sound performance.